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Please see below the summary of our SQIP session 2021/22

SQIP Summary 2021 – 2022


Our School Quality and Improvement Plan


Paradykes is a learning community where everybody matters and where laughter is heard. We aspire to deliver learning experiences of the highest quality, inspiring confidence, respect, resilience, responsibility and achievement for all.  We are Ready, Respectful and Safe.

Our School Values are

High Expectations





Nurture at Paradykes

Here at Paradykes we are committed to embedding 6 Principles of Nurture within our establishment. This is achieved through our school values, our school rationale and our climate for learning, the nurture principles are on display in each classroom and teachers and staff are mindful of the principles in their day to day practice.

We are delighted to have been awarded the National Nurturing Schools Award.

The 6 Principles of Nurture at Paradykes

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